Installation Instruction

Engine installation is a complex process that requires strict adherence to all procedures and technical requirements.

We always provide our customers with the necessary information and the customer is required to follow the Engine Installation and Installation Instructions.

Engine installation notes and instructions must be given to the mechanic in charge before we can start work.

With all engines sold, you will always find an engine installation manual to help you install the engine.

According to the rules of the Motorlager warranty document, it is important to install the engine in compliance with the requirements and recommendations specified by the manufacturer.

Motorlager is not responsible for any damage to the engine due to an error caused by improper installation of the engine.


1. Determine the primary cause of the old bad engine. Why did it break down or stop? Is it a faulty crankshaft? Did the damage come from a faulty engine turbine? Or is the fuel system malfunctioning? By determining the preliminary cause of engine failure, you will avoid surprises when installing a new engine.

2. Before installing the engine, it is important to check our new engine for any visible damage that may have occurred due to improper transportation to the customer.

3. You must have all rubber and metal gaskets in the engine. Do not use engine silicone inappropriately in areas where it is not supposed to be used. Only ever use suitable engine gaskets.

4. All rubber connections, wires, hoses must be connected properly; they must not be damaged or glued together.

5. Check the engine intercooler radiator and its hoses. Check to ensure the radiator is not punctured and that there is no grease residue in it.

6. Check the engine water pump. Is it undamaged or usable?

7. Check the engine fuel injectors. Do they work effectively? A bad injector can damage the piston.

8. Always replace the oil cooler, as it is usually clogged and malfunctioning.

9. We always recommend installing a new thermostat in a new engine. However, you do have the option to  check whether it is still working effectively.

10. Check to ensure the DPF and Catalyst of the engine are not clogged. If even one part is clogged, the exhaust gas flows back into the engine, damage the turbine and the new engine.

11. Check whether the vacuum pump is working and rotates easily. If the vacuum pump is damaged, replace it with a new one.

12. Install the main engine timing belt or chain correctly with special tools.

13. Check or replace the oil level sensor. An old oil level sensor may not work or may give incorrect information.

14. Crankshaft position guide. Always check that this is good and correctly attached.

15. Flywheel. Always check before installation. It may make a noise when the engine is started.

We recommend replacing these parts with new ones before installing the engine.

  • Engine oil;
  • Air, oil, fuel filters;
  • Spark plugs (diesel engine glow plugs);
  • Fuel injector gaskets;
  • All other gaskets used to connect other components (turbos, compressors, intake/exhaust manifolds, fuel pump, etc.)
  • Oil cooler (for raw engine)
  • Thermostat

After installing the engine:

1. It is necessary to check again whether the ignition timing is correctly set;

2. It is mandatory to check the level of engine oil and coolant;

3. ATTENTION! Before starting the engine, make sure that the entire engine system is filled with engine oil.

4. Before starting the engine, the fuel supply relay must be disconnected. The engine must be rotated several cycles to fill the oil filter with oil;

Throughout the installation process, the craftsman must take three photos to record the installation of the engine and the completion of the installation. The craftsman must then send these photographs to

If the customer does not send the specified photo, the warranty is void.

If the customer does not follow our recommendation, the warranty is void.

If the customer's engine is upgraded or the engine power is changed in any way, the warranty is void.

If the customer opens or otherwise damages the engine seals without our knowledge, the warranty is void.

We hope we have your full cooperation in order to avoid any misunderstanding.





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