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Our company slogan is A happy customer is a good customer.

With many years of experience in engine repair, our highly qualified specialists restore engines to factory parameters using modern Rottler equipment. At the completion of our work, once the new parts are replaced, the engine becomes new and is given 0 km status. We only ever use new parts of the highest quality are used for engine repairs.

Our customers value us for our fast and high-quality service. The company will always find the best way to help each customer.

Professionally performed restoration work ensures the longevity and excellent performance of engines. We restore car engines, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, boats and special equipment. We are constantly expanding and replenishing our warehouse of engines and cylinder heads.

Our Main Services

Engine repair (cars and commercial vehicles)

Marine Engine Repair

Sale of new turbines

New AMC Engine Heads for sale

Old engine restoration

American cars engine restoration

Mechanical Works

Engine head repair

Turbine repair

Engine block milling

V6 V8 V10 V12 Engine block repair

Crankshaft engine repair

As a result

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